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Author David Brown


David Brown is a writer who was lucky enough to have only his second book become a best seller. The book “Horrible Sanity” a collection of dark poetry stayed on the best seller list for 3 weeks after its initial launch. This book was also given great reviews from many major papers. His book now moving from the best sellers list and blending in with the others. He finds himself being prodded to finish his new book. “Mother” which is scheduled to be launched in early 2016 and is already being hailed as his best yet from just its preliminary readings. The story is of the origin of Noah Barnes the main character from “Feeder” and is more horrific than the first.

          Here is the real kicker, David is actually the writer of children’s stories and has been published in many magazines and after the completion of “Mother” he will be devoting the majority of his writing time to his children’s books. The first book “Mitty Magoo” is scheduled for release in 2016 and he already has number of other projects underway. He is also working on illustrating children’s books for several writers but cannot divulge more on this at this time. Please keep a look out for updates on signings and new releases as this coming year will certainly be a prolific one.

A true master of dark poetry, welome our modern day Poe.

The Los Angeles Times



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