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Writing is what I love. I hope you will take the time to read what I offer here to you. Thank you!

FEEDER - The Blood Chronicles: Book One

ISBN-10: 1497452228

FEEDER Monsters don’t only live in the dark… Here from best selling author David Brown comes the story of Noah Barnes one whos life was tragic, considered a freak to all that knew him, the one the children teased born with a disease that kept him from having the ability live a normal life just to go out into the sun. Now almost twenty years old life is changing his only family murdered and with a girl at his side he is on the run as the only suspect. But what he is running too may be worst. The reality of what he really is and the prophecy he is forced to uphold being the only one ever actually born a vampire.


ISBN-10: 1500919128

The collection of Poems and Poetic tales gathered together inside of this book “HORRIBLE SANITY” were written by one of the most creative and surprisingly fascinating as well as disturbed minds of the twenty first century. Many now that his work is being read worldwide are calling him today’s Poe. This is an honor he does not agree with, he says he simply writes from his imagination, and what an imagination it is. Do not have conflicts about the man behind the words, make no quick judgments for the words are within him, but they are not him. Read and feel the horrors of being hunted within your own home, or being followed by death himself with nowhere to run. Feel the wrath of God and his punishments for the sinner or feel the torments of love everlasting and many others. Each poem or Poetic tale is a story within itself and each one takes you on its own terrifying ride.

MOTHER - The Blood Chronicles: Book Two



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